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Math Camps

Due to COVID-19, our research design was modified to allow for the project to continue following social distancing guidelines. Data collection was to be organized into two phases as follows:​

Phase 1: Students’ experiences

The study will involve 10 virtual Math clubs with 6 children in each club. The children will be grouped based on their age and language. Each group will meet virtually for five weeks and engage in both synchronous tasks as well as “take home” activities to work on with parents/siblings and to share at the next session.


Virtual exit interviews will be conducted with each child, parent or anyone from the household they wish to include.

The information collected from these research activities will be analysed by the research team to

(i) understand aspects of children’s cultural-historical repertoires with respect to mathematics and

(ii) to create one or more profiles of children’s experiences of mathematics and/or of school mathematics in Canada.


Anticipated data includes:

  1. Video recordings of 6 sessions x 10 groups of up to 6 children (4 groups in French, 6 groups in English).

  2. Video/screen recordings of individual interviews, one per child

  3. Screen photos of any artefacts, whiteboard activities, etc.

  4. Researchers’ notes and reflections after each session.

Phase 2: Teachers’ experiences

The second anticipated phase of the study will involve 6 virtual groups of mathematics teachers who will meet a total of 2 times. We will share and discuss the student participant profiles with teachers as well as examples illustrating children’s cultural-historical repertoires with respect to mathematics. Teachers will be asked to reflect on information shared, record notes about their reactions and implications for practice. During the final meeting participants co-construct a set of shared “take aways” or tentative principles.


Anticipated data includes: 

  1. Video recordings of 2 sessions x 6 groups of up to 6 teachers (2 groups in French, 4 in English)

  2. Participants’ reflections

  3. Summaries of each group’s final take-aways

  4. Researchers’ notes and reflections after each session

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