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Data Collection

Phase 1: Students’ experiences

In the first phase of the study, we invite students ages 7 and up who have experiences learning mathematics in different places to write a hypothetical letter about their experiences in mathematics in a Canadian context. The letter could be addressed to a relative who will soon arrive to Canada, or to the teacher who will welcome the relative. The letters may consist of written text or images. Participants will also be invited to participate in a follow-up interview. 

Data includes:

  1. Letters from students describing their experiences with mathematics. 

  2. Videos/screen recordings of interviews with participants. 

  3. Researchers' notes and reflections about the letters and the interviews. 

Phase 2: Teachers’ experiences

In the second phase of the study, student letters are shared with Canadian mathematics teachers. In a focus group setting, teachers reflect on and discuss the experiences shared by the students in Phase 1. Following the focus group, teachers are invited to share notes about their reactions and implications for practice. 

Data includes:

  1. Video recordings of the focus group interviews. 

  2. Participants’ reflections.

  3. Summaries of each group’s final takeaways.

  4. Researchers’ notes and reflections after each session.

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